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“Ballers” Star On Working With The Rock, Which Sport The Rock Is Terrible At, More


Co-star of The Rock on HBO’s “Ballers,” Donovan Carter, recently did an interview with Wrestling Inc. to talk about what it’s like to work with the wrestling legend. Here are the highlights:

Being able to work with one of his heroes: “It was surreal. It was crazy; especially when I first met him and I told him that I used to watch him as a kid; he was one of my heroes so it was great to go from meeting him, to working with him, to being his friend, it’s such a blessing,” Carter said.


The Rock being terrible at basketball: “I didn’t get to work with him this season as much as much as previous seasons, but he is really cool and he is a really nice guy and I was just watching his leadership and watching things he does from afar because, the way he treats people is really humbling and you know, good things happen to good people,” Carter said. “The funny thing was the first episode we were playing basketball; he is terrible at basketball. He never took one shot, and whenever he would get the ball he would just pass it; I said to myself, oh man, Dwayne doesn’t play any basketball. He probably played NBA 2K and that’s it.”

You can check out Carter’s full interview with Wrestling Inc. at this link here.

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