Bandido Talks Signing With Ring Of Honor


After weighing his options after receiving offers from AEW and WWE, top prospect Bandido ended up signing with Ring of Honor where he will start working for the promotion beginning this month.

The newly signed ROH star recently did an interview with WrestleZone about his decision to sign with the company. Here is what he had to say:

“I think, that one has opportunities and offers that may only come once in a lifetime. Fortunately, my trainer Ultimo Guererro always taught me something very important, even outside of Lucha Libre; that there are three ways of thinking. The first you act with your head. The second you act with your heart, the third you act out your a** [laughs], I haven’t acted irrationally, because all I’ve had has been blessings. At the same time, I’ve also not thought with my head, because if that was the case, I would probably be in the largest company in the world, not to name, names. But I’ve always made decisions with my heart, choosing to act in terms of what will fulfill me, compliment me and overall make me happy and continue having fun. I think this was a giant step in my career, and I’m so excited about signing with ROH.”

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