Baron Corbin Comments on Getting Heat, Letting His Daughter Wrestle, More


During a recent interview with Fox 5 in New York, Baron Corbin commented on getting “heat”, having his daughter get into pro wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Getting Heat: “I mean, we’re here to entertain people around the world. We’re going to entertain people tonight here in Brooklyn. It’s one of those things. We just want people to come out and whatever it is they’re dealing with, you know, they can escape with WWE. It’s an escape for them. So we’re out there to entertain millions and millions of people around the world. There’s some days where I think they really, really hate me. And especially you get in certain parts of the world and they are very, very into it. You know, you can get down, get down south and you can have an eighty-five-year-old woman who is ready to jump the guardrail and beat you up like it’s sucked in.”

On His Daughter Getting Into Wrestling: “I have a little girl as well. She’s eight months. She’s out of control. But I live in Tampa now. My wife and I live there. And she’s Spanish so my child is half Spanish and half me. With what I put my body through, I’m like, oh, my little baby, she can’t do that. But with the attitude she’s got, she might be perfect for it.”

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