Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin Received Death Threats After Hitting Becky Lynch with ‘End Of Days’


2019 King Of The Ring tournament winner, Baron Corbin, was recently interviewed by Sam Roberts on the “Not Sam Wrestling Podcast.” Corbin talked about several professional wrestling topics, including when he teamed up with Lacey Evans against Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch at Extreme Rules.

During the match, Corbin hit Lynch with the ‘End Of Days.’ Afterward, Corbin claims he actually received death threats from fans because of the spot.

I was curious about the reaction. It was one of the craziest reactions that I have ever heard. When you stand behind her and I’m getting up behind her and when I snatch her and the fans are yelling, it’s almost dead quiet for a second. They couldn’t believe I had done it. They popped and then booed.

It was the most confusing and greatest reaction of just pure, natural excitement and hatred. I even had to give some stuff to our social media team because I received death threats after that; it was insane. People went way overboard, but people were like, ‘I’m coming to Raw to stab you.’ It was crazy. I can’t remember but I called Seth Rollins a piece of sh*t or something.

I don’t know what it was, but I was so excited when I did that and the reaction was so unreal and loud that I turned around and I was mad and whatever I was feeling, it came out and it was so funny because it was totally natural. But I had to click back into the zone. It was a surreal moment that I will remember forever.

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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