Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin Reveals if He’s Ever Felt WWE Lost Faith in Him, NXT Talent


During a recent interview with Sam Roberts on the “Not Sam Wrestling” podcast, WWE Superstar Baron Corbin commented on WWE NXT talent being “misused”, on if WWE’s ever lost faith in him, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he’s gotten to a point where he thought the company has lost faith in him: “Yeah, I think it crosses everyone’s mind. And I think that’s a good thing. Because I think it means that you care about what you’re doing. But you can’t dwell on it. You can’t blame someone else for that. Like, if someone else gets an opportunity that you want, good for them. However they got it, they got it. But whether I cry because they got it because they didn’t deserve it or they didn’t earned it, it doesn’t concern me. I have to figure out my next route to get to where I want to go.”

On NXT talent getting lost on the main roster: “What’s crazy is I think, when people say, ‘I don’t want them to come up and get misused.’ Nobody is going to get misused. They’re going to be given opportunities and they’re either going to make them successful or not. It’s just the way it is. And there is a reason why NXT and Triple H has built such an amazing thing down there, because he gets guys ready to come down here. Now, you know, NXT went from developmental — so when I went in, it was FCW and it was nothing. And Hunter got his hands on it and really built something truly special out of it. And he’s taken these guys from developmental to a third brand, which I think is spectacular. Because we did it, you know. I was part of that movement when I was wrestling Samoa Joe in front of 16,000 people in Brooklyn. Like, that was the biggest show NXT had ever had at that point. But he’s getting guys ready to come up here. And sometimes people get called up, they may not be absolutely ready or whatever it is, or the situation didn’t fit like they thought it would. And it’s just going to take time to kind of rebuild or figure it out. And that’s on the guys that get called up. When they get called up, it’s on them to find success. Cena’s always been a guy that preached that, like, ‘It’s on you, it’s not on anyone else.’ So if guys are being ‘misused,’ if you will, it’s not anybody’s fault but their own. They they need to figure out a way to find an avenue to get successful, get creative, pitch ideas. And it’s hard, because you do get lost in the shuffle up here, and there’s a lot of guys who I think could do great things given the opportunity. And it’s just a matter of fighting and finding that opportunity.”

(h/t 411 Wrestling)

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