Baron Corbin Shoots On Being RAW GM And Vince McMahon


Baron Corbin is the current Acting General Manager of Monday Night RAW and he’s been a polarizing authority figure to say the least. Corbin was recently interviewed by Booker T and was asked about what being RAW GM is like, and how Corbin thinks Vince McMahon is liking his run.

“Yeah, was definitely nervous the first few times. It’s crazy but I think that they’re letting me have fun with it and do it my way and do it as me and Vince loves it and for the last four weeks I’ve been the first fifteen minutes of Monday Night RAW which is you know, crazy. That’s a John Cena spot, that’s a Roman Reigns spot and I’m doing it.”


Corbin seems humbled to have the coveted opening spot on RAW, but even more interestingly, Vince McMahon seems to approve of the job he’s doing. Corbin promised to deliver something “Fresh” on tonight’s episode of RAW so we’ll have to wait and see if he follows through.

Do you enjoy Corbin as Acting GM? If not, who would you like to see replace him? 

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