Baron Corbin Talks Effects Of The “Superstar Shake-Up”, WWE TV Returning To Louisville & More


Smackdown Live’s Baron Corbin spoke with WDRB earlier this morning to promote Smackdown Live’s show in Louisville, KY tonight.

Here are the highlights:

The Smackdown Live Locker Room’s View On Returning To Louisville Since Lifted Ban Of Live Wrestling Events:

“It’s exciting for us because it’s been seven years since we’ve been here for a live TV episode, so that kind of changes the attitude and energy of all the Superstars. We’re coming here after this drought of opportunity for us and we want to come to Louisville and tear the roof off the place. We want people to come and say ‘I can’t believe I lived without this for seven years, when can we come again? When’s the next show?’ We just want everyone to let loose and feel the energy in the building, because when they come out and the energy they bring, the Superstars are going to take more risks, they’re going to put more on the line, and it’s an amazing night.”

Who Corbin Has A Problem With:

“I have a problem with everybody in reality. I want to be the guy, so I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and go out there and do what needs to be done to win.”

Effects Of The “Superstar Shake-Up:

“It changes the layout. The Superstars that changed from SmackDown Live to RAW and from RAW over to SmackDown Live. Everybody’s hungry for opportunity. Everybody wants shots at championships and they want to be the guy everyone is chasing. We have new guys like Kevin Owens who has come over, Sami Zayn has come over, and we lost guys like Dean Ambrose, who I was having a lot of problems with, they moved him to RAW. Unfortunately I can’t punch him in the face anymore, at least for the time being, but we got some new targets and I think tonight you’ll see the attitude of people coming in and wanting to get a spot.”

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