Barrett & Kelly Kelly Confirmed For WWE’s Japan Tour + More


— There are no classic pro wrestling shows scheduled for ESPN Classic tonight.

— has published this story highlighting 15 of the most lovable losers in WWE history, which are described as: “Some WWE Superstars aren’t lucky enough to win a championship during their in-ring career. Some may not even win a match. However, despite their squared circle shortcomings, their refusal to give up has endeared them to the WWE Universe.” Talent listed include Rad Radford, Virgil, Who, The Young Stallions, Outback Jack, Barry O, Sam Houston, “Iron” Mike Sharpe, “Playboy” Buddy Rose, Leaping Lanny Poffo, Duane Gill, Barry Horowitz, Colin Delaney, S.D. Jones and Brooklyn Brawler.

— According to the WWE’s Japanese website, Wade Barrett and Kelly Kelly will be on the upcoming SmackDown tour of Japan and China. Barrett will face Yoshi Tatsu, while Kelly will face off with Natalya.

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