Batista’s First MMA Fight, No Hold Barred Star To Jail?


— Tommy “Tiny” Lister is facing five years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of commit mortgage fraud. Lister, who played Zeus in No Holds Barred, entered a plea agreement in which he admitted to being part of a scheme where he and several others conspired to get four separate mortgages on homes in Los Angeles via false information. The actions garnered $5.7 million in mortgages and when the mortgages defaulted the lenders were out $2.6 million. Lister also copped to withdrawing over $1.1 in loans while using the properties as collateral and not paying back the loans, making his total amount of fraud $3.8 million. Lister is due back in court in September.

— WWE stock continued to do well due to the previously-reported news of a stock analyst upgrading the stock from “Neutral” to “Buy.” The company’s stock price finished the day at $8.88, up 4.1% from Thursday, and peaked during the day at $8.96. It was the highest point that the stock has been at since May.

— It was announced via press release that Batista will kick off his press tour next Friday to promote his fight against Rashid Evans at “Real Pain” on October 6th. The press release states that Batista will be in Providence, Rhode Island along with Evans with the day finishing up at a meet-and-greet and autograph signing as well as an appearance at Vanity Restaurant & Lounge. Specifics will be announced on Tuesday. Both appearances are open to the public.

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