Batista-WWE Update – Is He Leaving The Company For Hollywood?, Backstage Details


Following the insane success of Guardians of the Galaxy, word is that Marvel
is restructuring Batista’s contract. According to a source, the new deal will be
for more money and result in more movie appearances in the Marvel Cinematic
Universe going forward. These roles would include appearances in the second
Guardians of the Galaxy and the third Avengers films. He also has other offers
from outside of Marvel coming in, and is already set to be one of the main stars
in the Kickboxer remake.

In regards to his future in wrestling, Batista’s people reportedly don’t want
him to have any involvement with WWE. The feeling is that WWE did not handle his
return well, and did not allow him to use enough of his own ideas to help get
himself over. It is also well known that Hollywood “looks down” on pro
wrestling. The situation is very similar to The Rock when he wound up leaving
WWE for Hollywood.

It should be noted that Batista has been talking with WWE, but the belief is
that wrestling will stay second to his movie career now.

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