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NewsBayley & Amanda Huber Comment On Tyler Breeze's WWE Release, Xavier Woods

Bayley & Amanda Huber Comment On Tyler Breeze’s WWE Release, Xavier Woods



Tyler Breeze was released from his WWE contract on Friday, along with Fandango, The Bollywood Boyz and many others. Most of the talent that were released were from the 205 Live and NXT brands. Breeze took a moment to show some love and respect to one of his best friends in the wrestling industry, Xavier Woods. He said,

Friend Appreciation Post. Can’t say enough good things about this man. Austin is not only one of my best friends but also a damn great human. One of the first people I met and wrestled when I was hired by WWE. We quickly became very close and essentially grew up together in WWE. Been through a ton of times good and bad together but always come out the other side better. The amount of time and effort he has put in to not only build @upupdwndwn into the huge success it is, but to also form a close knit group of hard working individuals who pump out content daily. He has helped numerous people either get a job or keep a job and has been a shining light and irreplaceable cog in the wheel. Opening up multiple opportunities for not only himself but being so adamant in opening up doors for his circle as well. Not many people would do that and it’s something that he should be celebrated for. I know I owe a ton to him and so do several others. Never asking for acknowledgment or praise but just continuing to work hard and see where his limits are, which it doesn’t seem like he has any. All of this and not even mentioning that he’s a father, a husband and working on his PHD. He is the epitome of having no excuses and creating the life you want to live. Austin I love you and thank you For everything as well as being my friend. There is no one else I’d rather annoy and make angry.

Amanda Huber, the widow of the late Brodie Lee (Jon Huber), also showed some love and appreciation for Tyler Breeze. You can check out her post below.

@mmmgorgeous appreciation post.

One of my favorite people aka my “oldest son”

You won’t ever find a harder working or more optimistic person.

Over the course of our friendship I don’t think I’ve ever watched someone grow so much.

We’ve managed to help talk each other thru the worst of our lives. Him, @theshawnspears & @cassielee were some of the only people who knew from the start when Jon got sick. They listened to me cry so many nights.

One the morning Jon passed away, I let him know that it was going to happen. His reply was “I’m getting in the car now” along with Spears & Cassie. They didn’t even give me a chance to argue. They showed up and stayed with Jon while I spoke to Brodie. They made sure Jon was never alone that day. That I was never alone in going thru everything. I’m forever grateful for them. Friends who are by your side thru thick and thin. Friends who remind you that you’re never alone.

I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do Breezy.

And if you’re not already doing so, follow @flatbackstraining where you can learn from some of the best wrestlers (and best human beings) I’ve ever met.

Bayley wrote the following regarding Tyler Breeze:

Breeze spent so much time teaching me things in the ring, watching my matches, little details, character work, (and later teaching me in LIFE) that I would literally write WHAT WOULD BREEZE DO on my wrist for my matches.

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