Bayley On Asuka Being A Stiff Worker, Says Her Kicks Hurt & Also Says Its Important To Play Yourself As Your Character On TV


WWE’s resident “hugger” Bayley, was the most recent guest on the “Steve Austin Show” with WWE legend Stone Cold. During the interview, Bayley revealed how “different” it is working with current NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka & how the “Empress Of Tomorrow’s” kicks can be very stiff.

Here are the highlights:

Bayley On The Japanese Culture Of Wrestling & Working With Asuka:

“I know how the crowds are, that is why I am kind of nervous. I know Asuka is going to be on our team so she can kind of help us with that. She is an awesome person. I always mess around with her because she speaks a little English to us so when she won the title, everyday I would just take the title from her and she would start hitting me. She is so funny. I miss being in the ring with her because she always made me up my game because her style is so different but you have to be quick minded and quick on your feet. I miss wrestling her.”

“She can be snug, her kicks can be, but it was actually easier than I thought. I actually worked with Japanese women before I got to WWE and I was with SHIMMER, but I didn’t really know how to approach them either. I know it’s some Lucha-style pro wrestling; I guess I can incorporate with them but I didn’t know what to expect from Asuka because she’s been wrestling for a long time, but I think we mesh pretty well. We only had a few Takeover matches and her kicks were a little stiff but it’s okay. With all the adrenaline, you don’t feel it until afterwards.”

Bayley On The Importance Of Playing Yourself As Your Character On TV:

“It’s so important, it makes it all easier and makes it make a lot more sense where you can just have fun and not think as hard. All you have to do is go out there and be you. Backstage, I’m more laid back and even shy around people and not in the groups being loud or anything. With my friends I am talkative, but once I go out there I can go out there and express myself that you can’t do anywhere else. It’s so much fun, but it’s just me turned up 100. Even after I found myself, it made the wrestling psychology easier because you think of what makes sense to me doing this, or you can put your character things here, it made everything better. It wasn’t until I got to NXT until everything clicked for me. I loved where I trained with a guy named Jason Styles in Newark, California; he taught me the basic fundamentals perfectly, I couldn’t thank him enough and I kind of knew how to tell a simple story in a match. I can put on a basic and simple match. When I got to NXT is when I figured everything out; where I was training everyday and having these matches on the fly with whoever and re-watching my stuff. I watch matches, I know people that don’t like to because it pisses them off seeing themselves, but seeing yourself making mistakes is annoying but you have to do it. Girls that are coming up, they’ll ask me to watch their matches with them on NXT and I always tell them to watch it like 3-4 times. I always watch different things so I’ll watch one to watch myself and then watch it again for my opponent. Then, I will watch it again with no sound and then watch it again to the commentators so I can see what they are saying and what I was doing and why they made a big deal for what I was doing at that time, or watch my body language, or if I sold wrong, or whatever.”


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