​Bayley Discusses The Advice Dusty Rhodes Gave Her, Winning The NXT Women’s Title & More


During a recent interview with The Post and Courier, WWE NXT women’s champion Bayley discussed the term “Diva”, winning the WWE NXT women’s title and more. Here are some highlights:

Her thoughts on the term “Diva”: “I think nowadays ‘diva’ could be meant in so many different ways. The way the roster is right now, with the Divas Revolution, you don’t necessarily see divas that are stuck up and who only care about their looks. It is what you make it. I grew up on the women’s division and the women’s championship. That name is more special to me. I’m the NXT women’s champion. But when it comes time and I’m part of the divas division, the title really doesn’t bug me anymore like it used to when I was a kid.”

On winning the NXT women’s title: “All I could do was cry. As much as you dream about something and you prepare for a match, that was the moment I had been waiting for ever since I was a kid. You really can’t ever prepare for that feeling of the final three count and the sound of the crowd.”

On what Dusty Rhodes told her about her ponytail: “I just took it down because I thought it would get messed up anyway. Don’t ever take your ponytail down,” [Dusty Rhodes] told his student. “Oh, I should wrestle in it too? My look was how I wanted to be viewed. I wanted to look like the girl next door and how I used to dress up as a kid. I wanted to act and look and feel how I did when I was 12. I was trying to figure out ways I could look like a kid wrestling fan.”

Her main WWE roster aspirations: “Sometime this year would be cool, but I also said that last year. I’m not really in a rush with how good NXT is going. I’m at the top right now as NXT champion and we’re traveling the world. “I’m getting to be a part of NXT for their first time in many parts of the country. I’m happy that I’m here, but the ultimate dream is to be on the main roster. When that happens, I’ll be ready.”

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