Bayley Reacts To Peyton Royce’s Promo On RAW Talk, Taking Advice From AJ Lee


During the latest edition of the “After the Bell with Corey Graves” podcast, Bayley commented on Peyton Royce’s recent promo on RAW Talk, taking advice from AJ Lee, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her advice to Peyton Royce after her recent RAW Talk promo: “I think she’s finding it because she’s not getting what she wants. I think she’s finding her character just by genuinely being herself. Like everything she said on Raw Talk, I know is what she feels and what’s within her because we talked about it so much. I believe once you get a little opportunity and it hits the right people or if it stands out in some way, it’s gonna start rolling. For me, my character stuff came from being who I truly was when I was a big fan. I truly believed I needed to change my direction to get the success I wanted.

“So, I feel like for Peyton specifically, this anger is only going to help her and it’s going to help her truly find herself. It’s going to help her find how she wants to carry herself and how she wants to be perceived by the fans and by the company. It’s just gonna shine through, and her work is only gonna help that. You have to have the attitude. She’s already getting so frustrated that it’s coming out. So, for me, I think that it’s gonna work just being her. She has an awesome look. I love Peyton so much.”

On what advice she’d give to new female signees in NXT: “NXT is so awesomely different now than it was as far as the women. I would say I had such a struggle with thinking I needed to be so girly and womanly and dress a certain way and show up in high heels and dresses. It really just made me uncomfortable. Wearing a dress in promo class made me feel uncomfortable, so I probably looked uncomfortable, which made me even more uncomfortable to even speak because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own outfit.

“And AJ Lee, I met her within my first six months there, and she helped me so much which was when my character really started kicking off. You have to be yourself and whatever they want from you, meet them halfway. I wish I could tell myself it’s OK to be you. They hired you, they didn’t hire you thinking she’ll look great in a dress or high heels. They hired you because of what you had to offer. So, I know it’s better now and the door is way open for the women, but I just hope everybody first getting signed, be yourself because that’s the reason you’re there.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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