Bayley Reveals Why She Attacked Sasha Banks, Ronda Rousey & Teal Piper Train Together


As seen during this week’s WWE SmackDown broadcast, Bayley came out and cut a promo regarding her former friendship with Sasha Banks. She basically admitted to “using” Sasha to get where she is today. You can check out some photos and videos from the segment below:

Ronda Rousey is back in a wrestling ring and she’s training with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s daughter Teal Piper. Teal took to Instagram to reveal that she recently trained with Rousey at JLFX Studios in Burbank, California.

Rousy is reportedly open to a return to WWE but says it would have to be part-time. She said,

“If I ever do come back, it will never be at a full-time capacity ever again. I think for stints, chunks of time, I’m very much an obsessive person where I like to obsess over something for a certain time and then take some time to obsess about something else, but no, I’m never going to be full-time again, over 200 days a year, on the road. I needed to do it in order to learn and get immersed into it and really understand what was going on, but it’s just not the lifestyle for me.”

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