Bayley Says Her Work Ethic Makes Her Stand Out, Why She Turned Heel


In an interview with FOX 4, Bayley said that her work ethic is what makes her stand above everyone else on the WWE roster:

On what makes her stand out: “I have the work ethic. We have people in the locker room that don’t think like me, that don’t work like me, that aren’t passionate about it like me. I just started a training program, I’ve done crossfit for years. I started watching when I was ten and became a crazy, obsessed fan. You couldn’t see the walls in my room. None of the paint, it was just posters. I went to all the shows, wore all the shirts, would get in trouble at school for wearing the shirts from my basketball coach. I was wild.”

On why she turned heel: “Why? I needed it personally, my career needed it, the WWE Universe needed it. I’m being a role model so I’m just doing what’s right for everybody. It’s always fun bending the rules a little.”

On her first wrestling experience: “I was 18-years-old and had braces. The first lock-up, my mouth got busted open from the braces. My mom was sitting in the crowd going crazy. ‘No, you’re not doing this. Get out of here.’ But, I’m still here.”

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