Bayley Speaks On Facing Charlotte Flair At Royal Rumble, Her Favorite Royal Rumble Moment, More


Bayley recently spoke with Houston Mitchell for the Los Angeles Times to promote tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble.

On facing Charlotte:

“It’s pretty intimidating. She is a freak athlete. You can tell that just by looking at her or following her on social media. She has all these pictures of being on every sports team in high school and college. I was actually her first match on NXT TV, and she did so incredible. She’s such a natural. It’s obviously in her blood, and she has accomplished so much in such a short time. I’m hoping I can hold my own in there with her.”

On her favorite Royal Rumble moment:

“I’m terrible at these. I don’t have one from a long time ago, but last year I was there with a bunch of NXT people and we got to see Sami Zayn [a big NXT star then, now on the main WWE roster] run down to the ring for the Rumble match. Our whole NXT family was going crazy. It was just one of those incredible moments because everyone knows his journey and to be there to share that with him was a great feeling as a fan and a friend.”


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