Zelina Vega Wants AJ Mendez To Return To WWE


In an interview with “WrestleTalk” ahead of WWE Money In The Bank 2023, Zelina Vega addressed the possibility of a potential WWE return for AJ Mendez (AJ Lee).

Mendez retired from in-ring competition on April 3, 2015, following a six-woman tag team match on WWE RAW. At the time, Mendez stated that permanent damage to her cervical spine, and the fulfillment of her goals led to her retirement. Vega said,


“I would love to see AJ back. I would love to have that Spider-Man moment of, ‘Oh, oh.’ My gosh, it’s funny to have somebody else from the northeast to be able to say, ‘Wow, she made it.’ She was the blueprint for a while. She was that girl. So it’s cool to, number one, even have that opportunity to play her in the movie. I probably listened to her voice for so many hours and hours to make sure I could get the pitch and everything right. When I told Punk that, he was like, ‘You probably listened to her more than I have. That’s interesting.’”

Mendez joined the WOW – Women of Wrestling promotion as an executive producer in October 2021 and has been providing color commentary for WOW’s syndicated weekly television program.

Mendez will appear in Season 2 of Heels alongside her husband, CM Punk, as Elle Dorado.

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