Becky Lynch Exchanges Words With Corey Graves On Social Media


SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently took to Twitter to fire off a shot at WWE commentator Corey Graves. Lynch responded to some criticisms from Graves, who called Lynch “cocky” recently. Here’s what Lynch had to say:

“So Graves has been saying I’m too cocky, and I talk too much on social media – like that’s a bad thing. I drum up more interest in 1 tweet than you do with 5 hours of your Heenan-lite routine every week. Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it.”

Graves soon responded, firing right back by taking a shot at “The Man”:

“I’ll admit it. It’s tough to go FULL-Heenan when the boss is actually paying attention to your work. You’ll realize that someday.”

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