Becky Lynch: “I Never Felt Like I Lost Any Fans!”, Discusses Her Rise To The Top


During a recent appearance on Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness, WWE SmackDown! Live women’s Superstar Becky Lynch commented on her rise to the top, the WWE fans never giving up on her and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On not having WWE’s promotional team fully behind her: “Thankfully, the fans had believed in me and that is who I thank all of the time for putting me in this spot because they never had stopped believing, but I can still look up posters for SmackDown Live and the only woman on there is Charlotte Flair and I’m like, my God, no matter how much things change things stay the same. I am the champion and I am still not on those posters, so there is that. There is that that I am still completely not the face of the company, regardless of how much I give and how much interest I am drawing up right now I am still not the ‘Chosen One’ and that is fine because that gives me a lot more fuel to the fire. Right now, everyone is warming themselves up on the fire that I started. They are sitting around, wrapping themselves up a blanket around a campfire bitching about how I buried them on Twitter, or how I said this or said that, but look, I am coming at you from a place of truth, that is all I am doing. I am telling the truth. They can complain about how I have not been able to be in the ring. I got sucker punched and I haven’t been able to go out there and do what I do, which is fight every night so what do I do? I fight with my mouth. I am running my mouth up more now on social media and I love it because it is getting everybody hot.”

On finding her motivation: “I have worked as hard as I can possibly work and I deserve it just as much as anybody, and if nobody is going to give it to me then I am going to take it. I think anybody can relate to that frustration.”

On what happens after you reach the top: “It is about maintaining that. It is one thing to climb the mountain and be on there for a hiccup, but it is another thing about maintaining it. I know a lot about that because I have been knocked down time and time again but I keep getting up again. Every time I climb back up again I climb a little bit higher, so that is what it is all about.”

On if she feels vindicated by her success: “Oh, absolutely. For the fans I wanted to prove them right. But for everybody else that had talked behind my back – those I know about and those I don’t know about, but I have a clue about, it is all of those people that have questioned me and thought that I was destined to be good and a good hand but not great. But I had always known that I was meant to do something great and I always had my sight set on bigger things, which is happening.”

On the fans never giving up on her: “In 2017 it wasn’t my best year by any stretch of the imagination, but I never felt that I had lost the fans at all. I felt that they were there the entire time, and even though I wasn’t doing much on television or I wasn’t on my most winningest run in WWE, I felt that they were always there and they never turned their back on me. They never gave up, or booed me. They always believed in me. Even if they got a little bit quieter it was because I wasn’t doing anything for them to rally around me. I always felt like no matter what they liked me and I liked them, and when it came to Money in the Bank they just showed their support in a way that was undeniable, where it made everybody turn around and say that she’s got something here. Something is happening. There is a connection. It’s real. It’s not manufactured.”

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