Becky Lynch Q&A Recap – WWE Doing A Four Horsewomen Stable, WrestleMania, Cesaro, More


As previously reported here on eWN, WWE women’s wrestler Becky Lynch attended the Wizard World Portland event this past weekend. She took part in a Q&A panel on Sunday. You can see a video clip and read some highlights from the Q&A segment below:

On whether she would be interested in turning heel and joining the Club: “Oh, absolutely!”

On whether WWE will ever do a Four Horsewomen stable: “You know, they could…they might. But I think that we’re better off facing each other. I think that’s where a lot of magic has happened. What might happen, maybe, is that it’ll be like, ten years down the line and we’ll all have left. Maybe. And then we’ll all come back ’cause WWE — I don’t know if you know this — sometimes they like to do that. And then we’ll come back and then…yeah, then we’ll probably get beat up.”

On who she’s a fan of: “Well, wrestling-wise so many. Charlotte, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, New Day. Zack Ryder. I could go on and on and on. Outside of wrestling, I’m a big Bryan Cranston fan. I just started reading his book. So good. And he’s just such an amazing actor.”

On who her ultimate WrestleMania opponent would be: “I would like to have one of two matches. I would love to have a four-way with the Four Horsewomen for the main event of WrestleMania. I would also love to face Charlotte one-on-one for…maybe my championship. Probably her championship. Maybe both of our championships! Yes, actually that would be — for the Undisputed Women’s Championship. I also, I was asked another question. They asked who would I like to team up with, past or present a while ago. And I said Shawn Michaels. So that means Shawn Michaels [and I] could face Charlotte and her dad Ric Flair.”

On what faction she would put together this year if she could: “I’d definitely have AJ Styles and Charlotte in there. And then the third person would be…Cesaro. He’s so good, isn’t he?”

On what women she’d like to see come up to the main roster: “I would love to see Billy [Kay] and Peyton [Royce] come up. Asuka, obviously. Ember Moon, she’s something great as well. There’s so many great women down in NXT and I think I’d love to see Nicole Matthews come up here as well. I had her first match, and she’s just — she’s a lovely person and a lovely girl and I love watching her.”

On possibly being on Total Divas: “I don’t think so. It’s not really an ambition of mine. I appreciate what it does for the product and the amount of work that those girls put in but it’s not what I envision for Becky Lynch.

On whether we’ll see a women’s Elimination Chamber: “Oh yeah. I was actually hoping that was gonna happen this year. Yeah. So sadly it didn’t but we did have three women’s matches on the pay-per-view so that was great and that was ground-breaking. And my favorite part about that is that we didn’t talk about it like, ‘Ooh! Look, it’s a Women’s Revolution, it’s three women’s matches on the pay-per-view.’ It just happened to be three women’s matches on the pay-per-view because people wanted to see it. And the stories have progressed, and the characters have progressed that it warranted three matches…and that was my vision, that was what I wanted to see. Never anything about a big hurrah, like, ‘Making history!’ It’s just the way it should be, women having great matches all the time and people wanting to see them. That’s my vision, that’s what I hope keeps happening in the future. And hopefully next year we’ll have a women’s Elimination Chamber.”

On Paige: “Paige is an extraordinary talent, and just very talented. I’ve known her for many, many years. It’s very sad that she had to have neck surgery. I think she’s gonna come back and the crowd’s going to be very happy to see her.”

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