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Becky Lynch – ‘Trish Stratus Is One Of The Greatest Of All Time’



Becky Lynch was involved in an intense feud with Trish Stratus following WWE WrestleMania 39.

Lynch battled Stratus in a Steel Cage match at WWE Payback 2023, and The Man reflected on the bout during a recent edition of the “Casual Podcast.”

Lynch said, “I think it’s always going to be a little bit mind-blowing, growing up as a fan of somebody, that you get to work alongside them. It was incredible. We’ve said for many years that she’s one of the greatest of all time and she proved it through sheer work ethic and fearlessness.

I am so proud of that cage match we had at Payback. I think it’s one of my favorite matches that I’ve ever had, and what an honor to be able to do that with Trish Stratus.”

Lynch defeated Stratus in the match to conclude their months-long feud.

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