Benjamin & Morrison Updates, The Rock’s Next Movie


— According to an interview with Chris Masters, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison will be competing for the WWFX Title in the Philippines on February 4th. Masters also noted that the promoters are hoping that Manny Pacquiao will make an appearance for the title match main event. Masters also noted that he was looking into doing some acting.

— A new documentary, titled GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will be released this year. The film will include footage of the 1980s syndicated series, as well as interviews with talent. Here is the official blurb on the film… “From the initial open-call auditions, to the grueling training with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, to over-night success and global recognition, to the shows sudden and unexpected cancellation in 1990, the GLOW girls recall their time on the show with a mixture of heartfelt nostalgia and tearful regret over injuries and the loss of friends. For some, the show was a brief foray into acting and a short-lived adventure on the way to a normal life. For others, that brief time in GLOW would impact and influence their lives for years to follow. For all of the women, working on GLOW was a unique and exciting experience that will bond them forever. Starring over 30 original GLOW girls!”

— Here is an interview piece with The Rock, discussing Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He also claims that he knocked out co-star Luis Guzman while filming…

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