Beth Phoenix Talks About Turning 40, Her New Dreams & Goals


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WWE Hall of Famer “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix has turned 40 years old, but she’s not letting that stop her from dreaming and following those dreams. Phoenix, who celebrated a birthday on Tuesday, posted to Instagram to share a story about how she asked Edge if she was too old to pursue her dreams and he gave her a simple answer. She said,

“Ten years ago I thought I had checked all my boxes. Little did I know what my 30s would bring. I thought I knew it all. I thought I knew grief. I thought I knew triumph, failure, heartbreak, success and happiness. But nothing could prepare me for the decade that made me a mother, a wife, and a person that finally loves herself. I have new dreams. Big ones. Scary ones. I asked @edgeratedr last night if I’m too old to pursue them. Is it too late to start again? He told me “how else could you live life?” Touché. Dammit he’s always right. I also get to look to him as an example of just that. So as I started my day with a Bible verse and two not so little anymore girls crammed on my lap, I have faith that this decade will surprise me again. I know that I am blessed to have the privilege to turn 40, as someone I hold close to my heart was robbed of this gift. I miss my friend, my grandparents, Uncle, mother in law and Dad whom I had to say goodbye to in these last ten years. They remind me that tomorrow isn’t promised. When I was a kid I told anyone that would listen that I was going to be a WWF wrestler. I feel that I manifested that dream by saying it, living it, and putting the damn work in. In the spirit of that, I’m ready for what’s next. I dream of watching my daughters grow, contributing positively to our community, publishing our children’s book, supporting my husband and family, and completing my education in the mental health field with a doctoral degree. At 50 I hope with all my heart that I can look back and marvel at the surprises that this decade brings! Cheers to 40!”

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