Betting Site Lays Out Odds For WrestleMania 28


Sports betting site Bovada has released odds for the matches at WrestleMania 28. John Cena, The Undertaker and Sheamus are listed as the favorites in their matches against the Rock, Triple H and Daniel Bryan, respectively. Chris Jericho was listed as the favorite in his match but updated odda have put things in CM Punk’s favor while Randy Orton is the favorite over Kane, Cody Rhodes is the favorite over Big Show, Team Laurinaitis is a favorite over Team Long and Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos are favorites over Beth Phoenix & Eve.

The full list of betting lines are below; the first number is the original betting line and the second number in parenthesis is the updated betting line.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos -200 (-300)

Beth Phoenix & Eve +160 (+200)

Randy Orton -600 (-500)

Kane +400 (+300)

Cody Rhodes -130 (-170)

Big Show EVEN (+130)

Daniel Bryan +240 (+170)

Sheamus -300 (-250)

CM Punk EVEN (-160)

Chris Jericho -130 (+120)

Team Teddy +105 (+200)

Team Johnny -135 (-300)

The Undertaker -900 (-900)

Triple H +550 (+500)

John Cena -280 (-180)

The Rock +220 (+140)

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