Bianca Belair & Bayley Continue Their Feud On Social Media Following SmackDown


As seen during Friday night’s episode of SmackDown, Bianca Belair and Bayley kicked off a feud after Bayley was doing some commentary during Belair’s match with Natalya. During the match, Natalya ducked a punch from Belair and she ended up hitting Bayley instead.

Both Belair and Bayley took to Twitter following SmackDown, with Belair saying,

“I was here to fight The B.O.A.T. @NatbyNature tonight, but @itsBayleyWWE really tried it…GURLL UH UH… I’m the EST of WWE And YOU CAN’T WHOOP ME #ESTofWWE #Smackdown.”

Bayley responded to that tweet, saying,

“I was just there to hangout with my good friend @MichaelCole. I know you’re new but, don’t be stupid – quit while you’re ahead.”

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