Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair Comments On How Her Main Roster Debut Was Changed Due To The Pandemic


Bianca Belair spoke in an interview with Inside the Ropes about her move from NXT to the main roster earlier this year and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted it. 

 “Yeah, so when I was in NXT, I had my title match at TakeOver in Portland with Rhea, and that’s when I found out that was going to be my last TakeOver in NXT, I found out that I was going to actually be debuting the RAW after WrestleMania – which I was very, very excited about, because, you know, if you want to debut, you want to debut on the RAW after WrestleMania. It’s the biggest RAW of all time. So I was super, super-excited about that. And then it kind of switched to, “Well, you might be debuting at WrestleMania.” 

So I was really on a high like “OK, this is all coming together and I’m going to finally get my moment.” And then the strange year happened and I found out, “OK, you’re still going to debut at WrestleMania…but inside the Performance Center and it’ll be alongside The Street Profits.” So much has happened. It’s been a very strange year, but I’ve had a very good year when you think about this whole entire year. It started with Royal Rumble to all the different Takeovers, to TakeOver Portland, debuted at WrestleMania alongside my husband – and being able to share that moment with him, to being drafted to RAW, to being drafted to SmackDown, to being a part of a Survivor Series team with Team SmackDown… I’ve had had a very great year. Even though it’s been kind of crazy and it’s just everything has just been thrown at last minute, you just kind of have to learn how to adapt to everything. And that’s how you have to be here. You have to always stay ready because stuff is always going to be thrown at you. I feel like I’ve always just been on my toes ever since all this strange stuff has happened with COVID and it’s just… It’s been a crazy ride, but I always try to focus on the things that I can control. And right now, I’m on SmackDown and it’s the land of opportunities. I think that everything’s been going on a roll ever since I’ve been on Smackdown.”

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