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Big Bill Comments On Recent Name Change, Doing Standup Comedy, More



On a recent episode of the Comedy Store Wrestling podcast, Big Bill (fka W. Morrissey/Big Cass) touched on a variety of subjects, including his recent name change, getting into standup comedy, facing Wardlow in his AEW debut, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how ‘Big Bill’ seems to have caught on: “Big Bill was a name that Tony [Khan] came up with and he came up with the name and dude, like I said before, I’m there to be on the team. No matter what he said. ‘Big Bill’, that’s my f*cking name… Thank you Tony. The thing was, again, I had to trust the guy who knows what he’s doing because at first, anytime someone says a name for the first time, you’re like, ‘I don’t know.’ But now walking around backstage and then walking outside the arena and stuff, people, ‘Big Bill, Big Bill, Big Bill.’ It’s caught on so I dig it.”

On pursuing standup comedy in the future: “I think so, yeah (I’m gonna try more stand-up comedy). For sure. I mean, I didn’t (know it would) go that well the other night… and it’s fun as sh*t man and that feeling, that’s a real good feeling when you come off stage, that adrenaline rush. It was awesome so I’m definitely gonna pursue it. I’ve already been taking more notes and stuff.”

On cutting promos in AEW going forward: “I’m open to either way (doing my own promos or my mouthpiece doing it for me). I’m very confident in my promo abilities, I know I’m very good at them. I don’t know who knows or who doesn’t know or who thinks I am. I am very confident. I know I’m extremely good but yeah, it takes some pressure off, especially having Stokely [Hathaway] do majority of the talking if not all of it. I don’t think I’ve even uttered a word on AEW television yet so, it’s been nice to have Stokely do that for me while I kind of get accustomed so, yeah… But if it ever happens, I’m extremely confident in my abilities. Very ready.”

On his AEW debut against Wardlow: “Yeah, it felt really, really good (making my AEW debut). I hadn’t been on TV — well, national television in many, many years. I worked really hard to get back to where I’ve come from and to get back now from where I’ve come from. Put in a lot of hard work and that was a really special night for me because Tony [Khan] gave me the opportunity to come in and I think I did really well, we had a really, really good match and that was a very special night for me because it was the culmination of a lot of hard work. It was really awesome to see AEW for the first time from the backstage perspective and it was kind of an emotional night for me and Lexy [Nair] for sure because just after everything we had gone through and everything leading up to that moment so, that opportunity was really, really special, something I’ll never forget.”

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