Big Bill Lists Brock Lesnar As An Influence, Lauds His Believability


AEW’s Big Bill (the former Big Cass of WWE) talked about his pro wrestling influences in a recent interview.

Speaking with the Comedy Store Wrestling podcast, Big Bill praised Brock Lesnar for his in-ring believability. He also named Kevin Nash and The Undertaker as influences on his career.


Said Big Bill: In terms of in-ring, I watched guys like (Kevin) Nash, Undertaker, Kane. A guy more people need to watch is Brock. Especially after he came back in 2012. All the young guys that I talked to in AEW, I tell them, the most important thing to me, this is just my opinion, the most important thing to me when you’re on camera is convincing the audience at home that you believe what you’re doing is real. Brock does that. When you watch a Brock Lesnar match, how many moves does he do? Not many, but he walks around with such a menacing attitude and you believe, as a viewer, that he thinks it’s real. He’s trying to kill this motherf***er. Brock is a big influence, especially after 2012. Undertaker, Kevin Nash, there is a lot of other guys I’m missing, but those are the big ones.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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