Big Cass Comments On Enzo’s Backstage Heat & If He Has Distanced Himself From Enzo


The most recent edition of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast featured Big Cass. Cass is currently out with a torn ACL and it will likely keep the big man out past next March. During the interview, Cass commented on the reports of his former partner, Enzo, having backstage heat and in doing so, Cass answered the question of has he distanced himself from “Smack Talker Sky-Walker”.

Here’s an excerpt from the podcast: (transcript by IWNerd)


Big Cass On Enzo Having Heat & If He’s Distanced Himself From Enzo:

“Enzo is Enzo, the guy you see on TV is the guy that you see in real life. Enzo wouldn’t be in the spot he’s in, he wouldn’t have made it this far if he didn’t act the way he does, so there is good with the bad. No, I don’t think so, I don’t think I have distanced myself from him. The storyline has kind of taken on its own thing. Once it started being talked about and people started talking about it on the internet, then they are like: ‘oh really, people talk about it? Well okay, if it’s not real, lets pretend it is real and put it more out there on TV.”

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