Big Cass Talks How Much He Was Drinking Before His Seizure, Depression


Big Cass (now known as CaZXL) was recently interviewed by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet

During the interview, he opened up on a wide variety of topics including how much alcohol he was drinking, which was prior to him suffering a seizure. Here is what Cass said:

“I’ll tell you this — I’ve never said this on record — I’ll say it here … before the seizure, every day I was drinking a handle of Tito’s vodka. Every motherf*cking day. A whole handle. You can ask my Drizly driver. He can attest to it.”

Cass also talked about his battle with depression and anxiety that he had while with WWE that he didn’t get help for until he was released by the company. 

“Burying it down is just the worst thing you can do. It makes life hell on a daily basis. I was dealing with depression and anxiety having to walk around locker rooms and pretend like everything was ok and put on a face like ‘oh, I’m very happy,” but I wasn’t happy. I really should’ve spoken up. I should’ve gone and sought out help way earlier than I did. Because it just led to an absolute downfall of me, my career and William Patrick Morrissey III as a human being. I really should’ve just grew a set of balls and just went and got help. And I didn’t do that.”

H/T to IwNerd for the transcription

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