Big Daddy V’s Widow Says WWE Has Been Taking Care Of Her


Cassandra, Frazier, the widow of Nelson Frazier (aka Viscera, Mabel, Big Daddy V), noted on Facebook that WWE is taking care of her. We assume that she’s being taken care of by the company financially. She was critical of the company shortly after her husband passed away because the company did not mention his passing right away but things seem to be smoothed over. Her Facebook post is below:

Facebook, how do I start ! Wwe has taken care of me , I’m in tears ‘ they did the right thing and has made sure I have and wll get everything I need , I want say an amount but I’m super well taken care of, I was blessed and I feel very stupid for what I had said about their company! Feeling happier than ive ever been in my entire life, except for when I met Nelson ! I think I’m gonna start watching wwe again lol , I’ve been very blessed! I love all my Facebook friends at least for today! Lol ! Much love and wwe yes they rock , much love!!!

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