Big Daddy V Speaks Out – A WWE Return?, TNA, & More


Former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier Jr. (aka Big Daddy V/Viscera/Mabel) recently spoke about a WWE return and much more, here are the highlights…

On His Best Match: “All though it wasn’t in my opinion my best match because it was the first time The Undertaker and I had ever been in the ring together at the King of the Ring in 1995, but to be the first wrestler to ever actually pin The Undertaker on a worldwide pay per view was an unreal experience!”

On His Favorite Character: “Well, I think most people would like me to say Viscera “the worlds largest love machin” (laughs). However as far as world champion? I’d have to say Big Daddy V! But I have way more fun with the divas.”

His Thoughts on TNA: “TNA could be in the race a whole lot more then they are now if they would hire the great talent that are on the independents now! They are some really great talent that could help them and I don’t understand why they don’t use these men and women that have the WWE exposure with over 200 plus country knowing and loving these performers. Until TNA realizes this it will suffer as a result to not. I feel WWE is and will remain #1!”

On a WWE Return: “I feel that the WWE could use me and I have an idea that I’ll share with you here for the first time! And WWE Universe if you are feeling what I’m saying let WWE know! Big Daddy V and…….. Kharma! Unstoppable!”

NOTE: We reported earlier that former WWE star Big Daddy V was scheduled to appear at Wild Out Wrestling in Tennessee on March 31st, but has pulled out of the booking. Kamala Jr, who was set to be his partner on that show, recently posted on his Facebook that Big Daddy V had to back out of the booking due to being booked for WrestleMania that weekend.

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