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NewsAEWBig Damo (Killian Dain) Discusses How His Recent AEW Debut Came About

Big Damo (Killian Dain) Discusses How His Recent AEW Debut Came About



Big Damo (Killian Dain in WWE) discussed his recent AEW Rampage debut against Shawn Spears during a recent interview with the Two Man Power Trip podcast. It was a one-off appearance and he has not signed a deal with the promotion.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Being backstage in AEW: 

“AEW had all the production and pomp and circumstance of WWE. All of the crew and everything they’ve done backstage. It felt very like WWE without the walking on the eggshells and difficulty with everything else. Without the anxiety, which was very unusual and different. It was full of familiar faces. I had a very bizarre…almost every 10 to 20 minutes, I’d run into somebody else who I absolutely adored who I’d met through the Indies before WWE, at WWE itself, or even on the Indies after WWE. It was a very unusual experience, but it was awesome.”

How his AEW appearance came together: 

“It was about a month before, they got in touch and were like, ‘are you going to be free this day?’ ‘Sure, absolutely.’ It almost changed to the week before and then it got changed back to the original date. The joys of live television, things change here and there with what happens with so many moving parts. I knew a few weeks before and I kept it kayfabe from even my own friends, some of the guys I have many group chats with, I kept it very quiet from them. In this industry, everything changes so much, you’re really not sure one day to the next. You’re kind of guarded in a way and you want to make sure people see you when it’s out as opposed to ‘this might be happening’ and it doesn’t. In my younger days, that would happen a lot. Over the last ten years, things have gotten more professional. You still have that guarded nature.”

“‘We need you for TV on a Wednesday.’ You’re thinking to yourself, it could be anything. This has been my career for so long, you’re willing to take any opportunity as it comes. That’s the fun part in wrestling right now, people aren’t afraid to take chances and go, ‘Okay, he’s not part of our crew but let’s bring him in and see what happens.’ I was very blessed, I got my full entrance and everything, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. it was a fun experience for me and everything was so quick, which was great. I had a wonderful day and it was great seeing so many friends. It was the least anxiety I’ve had on a TV day and yet…there’s so much talent there, and the crowd, it felt like a TakeOver crowd. When I was speaking to some of the lads at Undisputed ERA, they’re like, ‘this is us every week. I’m sure NXT could have been something like that if they toured, but having that in Florida every week with the same fans, they did their best, but how do you match 10,000 people screaming? It’s impossible. When I was on Raw or SmackDown, because they are much longer shows and they’re conditioned to be a different audience, you’re not expecting that except maybe pay-per-views. It was amazing to see that up close and personal. I’m almost jealous of the lads and ladies who get to work in front of that every week.”

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