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Big Damo On Keeping His Relationship With Nikki Cross A Secret To WWE At First



During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, former WWE superstar Big Damo (Killian Dain) discussed his real-life relationship with RAW Superstar Nikki A.S.H (Nikki Cross).

You can check out some highlights from Damo’s interview below:

On Cross and Damo keeping their relationship a secret at first: “We actually didn’t tell WWE we were dating. Because we didn’t want it to be a reason why one of us would get signed or the other one would get signed. Nikki got signed and she came about six months before me, and I came over then to see her. I let Canyon Ceman know, who [this] was the time he was working with WWE, I said, ‘I am actually going to be in Orlando if you need me to sign anything.’ Because I knew I was going to be getting signed, but I was months away because of the visa or whatever else.

“Canyon was like, ‘okay sure, come along there’s a tryout,’ so I turn up and the first thing he says is, ‘Damo, why are you in Orlando? I was like, ‘I am seeing my fiance,’ and he was like, ‘who’s your fiance?’ I was like, ‘Nikki Storm, Nikki Cross, she’s my fiance,’ and he’s like, ‘what?’ He marches me over to Triple H, who’s on the cross-trainer going nuts. He’s like, ‘did you know they’re together?’ It ended up becoming this thing, it was hilarious.”

On why they decided to keep their relationship a secret: “We always kind of kayfabed it, we always tried to keep our relationship kind of off the public register. Because we never wanted it to be, ‘oh well if we booked him we have to book her, or if we book her we have to book him.’ We never tried to make it like a thing, we wanted to do well off our own backs.

“I know that with Nikki’s talent, and with what she was doing, going across to Japan with Stardom and JWP, she was all over with Shimmer and Shine, I never wanted to be a hindrance for her career. She was the same. Like I started to pick up serious steam in ‘14,’15,’16, so you just do your best to try and support each other, and try not to hinder each other.”

On getting married to Cross: “We got recently married, but we’d been together at that point for 11 years. 14 years in total. I think for us, we didn’t need to be married because we knew we were going to be together. I think we kind of realized it was more important for our parents and stuff like that, to get their memories, and their photos and stuff like that. So it was like, ‘oh s*it we should really do it then?’”

On Nikki’s current WWE run as Nikki A.S.H : “Listen, when she puts on that mask anything can happen. She’s proved that multiple times. She was very entertaining yesterday (on RAW), shall we say.”

Did you enjoy Big Damo’s run in WWE? Do you think they could have done more with him? Let us know in the comments below!

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