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NewsBig Damo Says WWE Are Idiots For Not Pushing Eric Young

Big Damo Says WWE Are Idiots For Not Pushing Eric Young



Big Damo (Killian Dain) was part of the WWE NXT faction known as SAnitY alongside Eric Young. While the faction achieved some success on the black and gold brand, they never entirely made the same impact as other NXT factions such as The Undisputed Era. Since he was released from his WWE contract, Damo has wrestled for AEW and in NJPW against Tomohiro Ishii. Damo is now reflecting on his time with WWE, specifically on what he says are mistakes from them for not pushing Young correctly.

While on the Two Man Power Trip Podcast, Damo spoke candidly about Young having the potential to face some big names on the NXT roster. He also believes that Young had a shot at winning the NXT World Championship if given a chance, but ultimately, the company let him down.

“That’s me as a fan as much as a guy involved because I think EY, they vastly underrated EY,” he said. “It was a bizarre time, and then I know we turned face kind of naturally and all these things. I get it, that’s why we went more tag team-based, and then I went in the singles run and stuff instead because the crowd took to us in a different way.”

Damo also attributes most of the faction’s success to former tag partner Alexander Wolfe and wife Nikki Cross (Nikki A.S.H.). He admits that it was “pretty cool” to see the rise of the faction on the brand and that both Wolfe and Cross were the ones who “drew people in.”

“I guess because the WWE just let what happen naturally happen, the crowd just started to like us, started to dig us so we went baby[face] … But it was those two who really brought the energy, and it was actually really cool to be a part of because I noticed it slowly and slowly. I think having that big, pompous entrance made people immediately stand up and take notice and their energy, and obviously, all four of us are really good in-ring, so that helps too.”

Damo and Wolfe did end up winning tag team gold on NXT. When the faction was moved up to the main roster, they struggled to find their place. Ultimately, the faction ended up disbanding, with the members never being seen on television together again.

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