Big E. Auctioning Off His Boots to Benefit Restaurant That Burned Down in Riots


WWE Superstar Big E. tweeted the following today, revealing that he’s auctioning off a pair of his wrestling boots to benefit a restaurant that burned down during the weekend riots. He said,

“Greetings, it is I, Big E, and I am here to let you know that you can put your feet in these very boots. That’s right, these boots right here. I am putting them up for auction and every single penny is going towards the GoFundMe for Saigon Bay. It’s a family-owned Vietnamese restaurant here in Tampa. In fact it’s like, right around the corner. It’s three minutes from University Mall, which is where I spent a lot of time ogling girls and not talking to a single one of them. It’s in my city, in Tampa, and it was recently very badly damaged over the weekend. So if you would like to put your feet in these here boots, I even scribbled on them. These boots I’ve worn many a time, and they commemorate obviously Kofi’s world title run. So please, if you want these boots, they’re yours. They’re yours. And if you don’t feel so inclined to get my boots, feel free to donate to the GoFundMe and I will link that in the video. So yes, buy these boots. They can be yours!”

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