Big E. Comments On A Possible Match With Goldberg, Bringing Back His “Five Count” Pinfalls


During a recent interview with RN Pro Wrestling, WWE Champion Big E. commented on the possibility of a match with Goldberg in the future, bringing back his “five count” pinfalls as WWE Champion, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if he’d like to bring his “Five Count” pinfalls back as WWE Champion: “I mean if it’s up to me yeah, but I don’t make the decisions around here. I do miss the 5-count. It was near and dear to my heart and it was also the first thing that I did in wrestling that I felt was special and unique. Shout out to King Kong Bundy, the legend, who I stole that from. Yes, it was a lot of fun in NXT and I miss you dearly 5-count, come back to me, please.”

On if the New Day will ever break up and feud: “No, no, no, we’ve talked about this before and I think we’d be giggling the whole time. Imagine me putting a headlock on Kofi, I would just be laughing like ‘Kofi I gotchu in a headlock, ain’t it funny.’ There’s so many other things that we can do as a collective together against other people, no one really wants to see that.”

On a possible match with Goldberg: “When I cut that nonsensical promo on our podcast, the likelihood to me was like 2.5% tops. But now that I hold this dearly beloved WWE Championship, it’s all possible. I would like to see that happen, that would be incredible. Imagine Goldberg’s last match [against me], I met this man at an in store signing in Tampa when I was a kid in the late 90s. That’s just wildly full circle, 25 years or so later that I can possibly [put him down]. I think he was a little annoyed, I mentioned putting him down like Old Yeller and I don’t know if he took too kindly to that comment. Let’s relax the putting down, just a nice match, no one will be put down and everyone will live after.”


(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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