Big E. Comments on His Upcoming Singles Run, Not Wanting The New Day To Break Up


During the latest edition of The New Day’s podcast, Big E. commented on his upcoming singles push, not wanting to see The New Day split, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why the team hasn’t broken up yet: “I just think we have something special. And even six years in, I still feel like it’s very rare to find a geniune bond [like] the three of us have. And there’s so many opportunities. Like, I get from a wrestling perspective that people want to see something different or unique. But there are so many opportunities that we’ve had as a trio outside of just the ring. We’ve been able to win all these tag titles, but there’s so much … as far as appearances, as far as video game stuff. There’s so many outside projects.”

On why he doesn’t want them to break up: “As cool as the singular moment of us breaking up might be for some? Tell me — like besides The Shield, it’s very rare that you have a breakup where all three benefit. I don’t — do you really foresee us breaking up, and a year from now Woods is on a roll, Kofi is on a roll, and I’m on a roll at the same time? It’s not really going to happen. The chances are very slim, because we’re just not booked in that way. So I feel like we’re still contributing to the show in a meaningful way. I still feel like we do stuff that’s memorable and impactful.”

On a possible singles run: “I mean, our think was, we always wanted to be a faction. Kofi would have his singles stuff, Woods would have his singles stuff. We could also go into tags. So I still think we can do everything that we want to as a faction still. I can still do singles stuff, and the New Day is still intact. So that to me … I’d love to do single stuff, that would be a lot of fun. But I think we don’t need to break up. We can do something similar with Kofi did, where we still stayed a faction, we were still together, and he pursued his single stuff. So yeah, I’m ready for it.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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