Big E. Comments on the Criticisms for His Finishing Move


During a recent interview with Fightful, WWE Superstar Big E. commented on his finishing move, his love for UFC and MMA, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On criticisms of his “The Big Ending” finisher not being realistic enough: “Yeah, and like, how does shooting someone into the ropes and having them come back work? How does any of this work? Like, it’s an RKO to the body. It’s a body cutter, that’s all it is. And people love the RKO. Are necks being broken during the RKO? Are guys being knocked out unconscious because—what are we doing? Just be entertained. If you don’t like it, watch something else. It’s fine!”

On his UFC and MMA fandom: “Like 205, a lot of people complain that light heavyweight is a bunch of old guys, it’s stale. But there’s a lot of good young blood. You got (Aleksander) Rakic. And Lionheart (Anthony Smith) looked great in his last fight as well. He just had the title fight not that long ago. But I really like what 205 is doing. 170 is so stacked right now. 155, I can talk for days and days. There’s a lot of good, lot of great stuff to watch. Valentina [Schevchenko], she’s incredible. 125, she might be the next champion at 125 for the next five years.”

On UFC champ Max Holloway: “I love Max [Holloway]. I also met Max, so I’m bias. I met him at a show in Hawaii. He’s incredible. Who else do I like? I dunno, I like everybody. I like all the boys. And the women. I also really like Rose [Namajunas]. I hope she rebounds quickly. She just seems like a very good hearted human being. D.C.’s a big wrestling fan. There’s a lot good match-ups to be made.”

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