Big E Reveals How The New Day Selects Who Will Wrestle, Who’s Wrestling Tonight At Night Of Champions


Big E recently did an interview with The Wrap to promote tonight’s Clash Of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) event. Here are the highlights:

How The New Day selects who will wrestle: “When we first started it was a lot of me and Kofi in the ring because Vince [McMahon] was a big fan of Woods being entertaining with the trombone. But right now, I think we have a pretty good rotation — we just kind of alternate.

“We have a live event rotation, we have a TV rotation, and we have a pay-per-view rotation. Every now and then it’ll change, but for the most part we kind of just cycle around from event to event.”

Who is wrestling in tonight’s match: “As of now — unless something changes — it’ll be me and Kofi out there.”

Read Big E’s full interview with The Wrap by clicking this link here.

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