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Big E. Reveals Why He Wants To Cash In His Money In The Bank Briefcase On Roman Reigns



During a recent interview with DAZN, Big E. commented on winning the men’s Money in the Bank briefcase, wanting to cash it in on Roman Reigns, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the fan reaction to John Cena’s return at Money in the Bank: “That Cena pop. Can I be a bit of a mark right here for a second? That Cena pop was one of the loudest I can remember. There are moments where you know something’s gonna come. So you kind of stick your head out, and you can kind of see the fans. I wish I had known, but I was back doing interviews and whatnot afterwards. But I watched it back. It was the loudest pop, and I said for a while was when Dolph (Ziggler) won Money in the Bank. But I was at ringside. This one might be the loudest pop I’ve ever heard since I’ve been here. They were very excited for John.”

On potentially cashing in on Bobby Lashley and the significance of having two Black men battle for the WWE title: “I think it really does have a lot of significance. I think that’s a great point. As far as you know, two black men competing for that title is incredible. I think it also means more to me because I think Bobby has done an incredible job elevating himself. I think seeing him with the Hurt Business with MVP; he’s a guy who you knew had what it took but wasn’t there. I think back to the stuff with him and Sami (Zayn). When you watch that program, you don’t think future world champion. He was in that doldrum of sorts. I think this last year when I watch him, he looks like ‘The Guy’ to me. He looks like a star. He moves like a star. He performs like a star. I think he’s incredibly talented. It’s odd to think at 45 that he’s really hitting his stride.”

On why he wants to cash in on Roman Reigns: “Those are all great options. I feel Roman’s the guy though. Roman’s the guy in the industry, and if you want to be remembered, if you want to do something cool, something special, that’s a great way to do it. Roman’s on a tear. This is one of the best runs I can remember. I feel like he’s definitely hitting his stride in a way that he hasn’t before. You can look at the entire scope of the rest of the industry, and you can determine who you think is the number one guy, who you think is the best, who should be at the very top. I think it’s not that difficult to make an argument for Roman being number one across all brands, across all boards. Beating him means that whoever beats him for that title, it’s going to be memorable. It’s going to mean something, and why not me?”

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