Big E. Reveals WWE’s Most Underrated Talent, Who Hits The Hardest, More


During a recent interview with SPORTbible, Big E. commented on the most underrated talent in WWE, The Miz being insufferable, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the most underrated talent in WWE: “That’s a very good question. I’d probably go Chad Gable. Chad Gable’s incredible and even though we’ve seen him for several years in WWE and NXT, I think you’ve only really gotten glimpses of how good he can be. He’s a guy I think can be doing a lot more than he is now. I can watch him and go, ‘Oh man, he’s exceptional’ but when you’re in the ring with him you realise how strong he really is. I’m slimmer now but I remember being 300 pounds and and he gives me that rolling German [suplex] with ease. If he’s got his arms locked around you, you’re going for a ride no matter how big you are. Being an Olympian, that’s a different breed.”

On the most vain talent: “I guess Roman, he’s pretty and that’s pretty obvious from the way he carries himself. The Miz is a great choice, it’s hard to not think of Smackdown people because that’s who I’ve been around with lately. You might be surprised, he’s mellowed as he’s gotten older and definitely got better. But he was pretty insufferable when I first met him and I’ve told him this – just very unpleasant to be around and very obnoxious. He would do things almost like an 8-year-old. I promise you, he legit did the ‘I’m not touching you’ with his finger an inch from my face and I like being unbothered. He’s gotten better which is why he didn’t come to mind but The Miz was fairly awful when I first met him.”

On the most intelligent member of the roster: “Let’s go [Xavier] Woods. Woods is a great choice, he’s working on his PhD, multiple degrees and a very, very bright dude.”

On the most hard-hitting talent: “Let’s go Sheamus. Any time you’re in the ring with Sheamus you know you gotta bring it because he’s gonna bring it. Sheamus will beat the hell out of you and I enjoy beating the hell out of him. It’s fun. With him you know you can hit him as hard as you want with no regrets whatsoever.”

On WWE’s best entrance music: “Bobby’s ‘Glorious’ is really, really good. Shinsuke’s is exceptional. Let’s go Shinsuke. I can’t remember the name of the violinist but he’s incredible and anytime he had him or Nita [Strauss] play him out on guitar, his entrance and his charisma – he’s built for live performance and those big performances.”

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