Big E Says He’s “Intrigued” To See How Triple H Does As Head Of Creative


On The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, former WWE Champion Big E spoke about what he thinks of Triple H taking over as head of creative. As we previously reported here on eWn, Big E assisted Triple H with the NIL tryouts this weekend in Nashville, TN. The New Day member is still out of action due to a severe neck injury.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Big E’s thoughts on Triple H taking over for WWE Creative: “There was a lot — my phone was really just inundated with people wanting to talk about it. I’ll just speak to my experience with Hunter as a boss, you know, in NXT, I think he has an incredible, creative mind. I think there are a ton of talents who have a great rapport with him. I think this next period in the company’s history and in this run, I think it’s got a lot of people excited. I think it’s an exciting time. So I’m, I’m intrigued to see how things shake out. But I think it’s, I think it’s gonna be good. I really do think it’s gonna be good. I think it’s gonna get the fans ignited and for people who became lapse fans, like hopefully, they’ll give us another shot and for people who’ve already been there, I think they’re going to be excited about what’s to come.”

Big on Triple H calling him to attend the WWE SummerSlam Tryouts: “Triple H called me and asked me if there’s something that I wanted to do. There was no pressure. He’s like, ‘If you want to just stay off TV, stay away for a bit, I get that.’ But this resonated with me because I remember they told me too, like, I guess the average age is 23. I got signed at 23. These are all college athletes. This is me in 2009 as a college athlete, who suddenly — that was over and, ‘Now what man?’ You devote so much of your time and your life to your sport, the way you eat, the way you sleep the way you train, and then, suddenly, it’s gone. I was so thankful — wrestling saved me, WWE saved me, and then I had something else to pour that desire into. So as soon as he talked to me about it, and I already had like a really good relationship with James, because we did the NIL stuff as well in Las Vegas, There was a bit of a conference they had me out there to talk about that. So I just saw resonate with young athletes who, you know, their sport is done, and now what? I would love to come in and lend my experience or whatever I can do to help out at all.”

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