Big E. Says ‘There’s Definitely A Place’ For Jake & Logan Paul In WWE


During a recent interview with The Sun, WWE Champion Big E. commented on Logan and Jake Paul possibly coming to WWE full-time, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Big E. on if Jake and Logan Paul could appear again in WWE: “It wouldn’t surprise me at all. In many ways, I’m a fan of the Cesaros of the world and these pure wrestlers these guys who dedicated themselves to [professional wrestling] too. But you know, I think we also need to be open to these spectacles.”

Big E. on the Paul Bros. boxing matches becoming big attractions: “That is our industry. That’s that circus element of professional wrestling, of WWE. So, yeah, I think there’s definitely a place for them.”

Big E. on the reaction the Paul Bros. bring: “They bring out a visceral reaction. And that’s what we do. I think kind of the death knell for any performer is when people are quiet when they’re ambivalent when they don’t care. But if they feel a certain way about you, whether they want to boo you or cheer you, we can use that.”

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