Big Names Rumored To Be Coming To MLW This Fall, MLW Caribbean Championship


There is a big rumor swirling around that MLW is in contact with some “big names” that could be headed to the company in the fall, with several names appearing on the September 11th taping in Dallas, Texas. One of the big names is none other than Braun Strowman. As crazy as it sounds, MLW has been in talks with Strowman’s agents and while nothing definitive has come from it, there is still a chance he could be one of if not the biggest acquisition in MLW’s history.

Also, there are talks of bringing in a new championship, calling it the “MLW Caribbean Championship”, which is essentially the IWA Puerto Rican Championship. The title will be staying around in MLW and rechristened. The plan is to present the belt in a way that acknowledges and “lean[s] into the history of Puerto Rico as a brawling, violent territory,” making it something akin to a more serious version of a hardcore championship. King Muertes will be facing Richard Holliday at the company’s return show in Philadelphia on July 10th for the title.

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