Big News – Linda McMahon’s Trump Super PAC Donated $18.5 Million to Florida on the Same Day Florida Deemed WWE an “Essential Business”


This is interesting to say the least.

Several mainstream media outlets are reporting that Linda McMahon, who is currently running a pro-Trump Super PAC for his re-election campaign, committed to spending $18.5 million in the pro-Republican state of Florida. This took place on the same day (April 9th) that Florida designated WWE an “essential business”. With the order, it allowed Vince McMahon to be able to run SmackDown the following night (April 10th). McMahon is also now able to continue running live events in Florida.

According to journalists Jon Alba and Stephanie Coueignoux, Florida claimed WWE was deemed an “essential business” as it would “help the state’s economy”. How they are helping the economy with no fans in attendance is unknown.

For those unaware, Linda McMahon worked directly for the Trump administration from 2017 to 2019. She was the head of the Small Business Administration before becoming the head of the Trump re-election Super PAC.

As many of you know, Donald Trump has worked for WWE numerous times since the 1980s. Vince McMahon is very close with Donald Trump and Florida Governor (R) Ron DeSantis. Believe what you will but something sounds extremely fishy here. Money talks? Let us know in the comments section below!

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