Big RAW Changes In Mexico, Foley’s Comedy Tour, More


— WWE RAW has gotten a major upgrade in Mexico, as Televisa Ch. 5 started airing the show live as of 6/18. RAW in Mexico had aired previously on a two-hour tape delay and was edited to 90 minutes for a long time.

Mike Informer sent this one along: For the week ending June 20th, WWE’s You Tube channel was the third most watched original channel behind SourceFed and The Warner Sound.

— Mick Foley tweeted the following new dates for his ongoing comedy tour:

– 7/12 in Ocala, FL

– 7/18+19 on Long Island

– 7/20-22 in NJ

– 7/25-28 in #Montreal

Here is his actual tweet: Here’s the upcoming N America gigs. 7/12 in Ocala, FL 7/18+19 on Long Island, 7/20-22 in NJ, 7/25-28 in #Montreal

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