Big RAW Segment Featured On Jimmy Kimmel, TNA Note


— The segment from last weeks RAW, featuring Triple H and the Undertaker was used on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In the segment, titled “Unnecessary Censorship,” they used the part where Triple H says to Undertaker “I know what I need to do to beat you, I have to fight you, and deep down inside that’s really what you want isn’t it?” They bleeped out “fight,” making it seem as if Triple h had used inappropriate language.

— On April 28th, TNA will return to the Toyota Town Center in Wenatchee, Washington. Tickets go on sale on March 16th.

— On March 1st, USA Championship Wrestling returns to the National Guard Armory in Savannah, Tennessee with the following scheduled to appear: Billy Gunn, Grandmaster Sexay, plus Doug Gilbert, Matt Boyce, Derrick King, Kevin White, Jeremiah Plunkett, Brandi Chase, Heather Masters and Steve-O.

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