Big Show Interview – Discusses His Netflix Sitcom Show, Saturday Night Live, and More


WWE Superstar Big Show had an interview with GameSpot where he discussed his Netflix sitcom show, “The Big Show Show” and which WWE championship titles he has on display in his home.

Working on Saturday Night Live with The Rock in 2000:

“And I started driving Vince nuts back then about it. I wanted him to know that I could [be on a TV show]. This is something within my wheelhouse; this is in my gut. I can do this. And I think I drove him nuts for probably 14, 15 years. And when the partnership came up, Netflix had this idea of a retired WWE superstar, readjusting to being home all the time. And they wanted to do a comedy show. So when they partnered up with WWE, I had aggravated everybody so much, that I think WWE was just happy to give me this opportunity, to shut me up, I think.”

On the hours being longer than expected:

“It’s been an incredible experience. I’m really good friends with Kadeem Hardison (A Different World, K.C. Undercover). And when I’d asked Kadeem about it, he was like, ‘Oh man, it’s so great. You go in about 10:00, and you learn your scripts. There’ll be a couple of walkthroughs. You’re out by two. If it’s on shoot days, you’re out in two hours. Well, he lied. He lied right to my face because it was nine in the morning until eight o’clock at night, every day, and Friday is usually 10 until midnight. But that being said, I don’t think I’ve ever had any jobs where I’ve had more fun and more pressure because this is really outside of my learning curve, like I had to really step up my learning curve a lot, and I didn’t have time for mistakes.”

Which WWE Championship he has on display in his home:

“The only [Championship] I have up, which I have one from competing against Brock Lesnar in Madison Square Garden. When I beat Brock in the garden when Paul Heyman did this big turn. Paul Heyman put that into a nice trophy case, took a picture. And that’s the only one I have up. I have two things, wrestling memorabilia-wise, hanging up. I have that title hanging up, and I have a picture of myself, John Cena, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels. That I have on my desk.”

Why he doesn’t want to put all his memorabilia up yet:

“I don’t want to put all that stuff up because I think you put that stuff up when you’re ready to sit down and bask in it. So right now I’m ready for what’s today. What’s tomorrow. I’m still moving forward and still accomplishing goals. So, who knows? I may never put that stuff up in my lifetime, and they go to a very small Big Show museum someday. That would be the irony of it. The world’s smallest museum for the world’s largest athlete.”

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